About Diversity Management

The Diversity Unit located within the Division of Human Resources Development, facilitates the development of strategies, policies, programs and procedures that enable the University to fulfill its commitment to equity and diversity in employment and education. In addition the Diversity Unit

  • provides expert advice on equity issues, current legislation, policy and practice in the University context;
  • assists the University through the relevant committees, its senior managers and executive to monitor and evaluate progress in relation to equity and diversity;
  • provides support and overall co-ordination in relation to procedures dealing with complaints of harassment and discrimination;
  • monitors best practice in relation to equity nationally and where applicable internationally;
  • co-ordinates programs to assist in the achievement of equity and diversity for staff and students; and
    contributes to education of staff and students about equity and diversity in the University.

What is the University trying to achieve?

An enabling environment in which individuals are treated respectfully and with dignity, and where conflict is managed. To this end we ensure there are procedures in place to assist in reaching a resolution at the lowest possible level where the conflict arises. In the first instance, current conflict resolution procedures are aimed at preserving relationships and educating the parties. Mediation is usually the first step but in serious cases this may be bypassed in favour of formal disciplinary action.

  • Increased representation of under-represented groups in both staff and students, across all levels of the University, and to provide support for those groups.
  • Staff and students skilled in working and studying with people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • Ensuring that the University meets its responsibilities to staff and students as required by legislation like the Employment Equity Act and the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act.
  • Principles of equity embedded within the fabric of the working life of the University.
  • To work towards 'best practice' in equity and diversity in all areas of operations.

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