The University aspires to be a positively transformed institution based on a clear understanding of its goals for broad and comprehensive change underpinned by shared values. These values serve as a framework for all its endeavours.

Our behaviours and actions will demonstrate the following:

  • Respect: we undertake to promote mutual respect, courtesy and inclusion of each other as equal.
  1. we value and listen to each person’s view
  2. we accept each others cultural differences
  3. we are courteous in our dealings and interactions
  4. we include others and invite them to participate in issue of interest to all
  • Excellence: we undertake to display quality, leadership and energy in all we do. 

  1. commitment to our  work all the time
  2. display enthusiasm during adverse situations
  3. speedily execute assignments and deliver greater results
  4. positive energy towards challenges in producing superior results

  • Accountability: we promise to be responsible and take accountability for our behaviour towards all our stakeholders.

  1. honoring obligations and expectations as a public institution
  2. being equally answerable and responsible for our team deliverable
  3. we take personal responsibility and accountability for our own development
  4. willingness to take responsibility for individual and team action (owning to outcomes).

  • Client Orientation: we undertake to constantly satisfy the needs of our clients.

  1. we partner with them to deliver
  2. we understand their business needs
  3. we exceed their performance expectations
  4. we deliver relevant people interventions to them. 

  • Honesty: we deliver with integrity, steadfastly and adhere to good governance.

  1. walking the talk – just doing it right all the time
  2. being always able to deliver our commitment to all our customers
  3. fairness and straightforwardness of conduct in support of R.E.A.C.H.
  4. conduct and promote awareness of sound ethical practice in diverse society.


R = Respect, E = Excellence, A = Accountability, C = Client Orientation and H = Honesty


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