Job Evaluation

The University of KwaZulu-Natal is committed to ensuring the appropriate remuneration of work. To this end the university ensures the fair evaluation and remuneration of posts through a credible, fair and transparent job evaluation  and grading system.

Job Evaluation refers to the following:

A Methodology - Determining the intrinsic value of work to the university using scientific measurement criteria and scales;

A Process – Using the job evaluation methodology to add value to the university, by establishing clear job knowledge / skills / abilities, aligning work with rewards, and determining the capability requirements for jobs.
Critical job evaluation points to note:

  • Job evaluation is NOT job grading.
  • Evaluate the job as it is currently not how it should be or is planned to be;
  • Job evaluation assumes acceptable job performance and not that of the incumbent in the role;
  • Job evaluation focuses on the job and NOT the person;
  • Job evaluation focuses on job content and not pay levels.

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