The Mission of the University of KwaZulu-Natal is to be academically excellent, innovative in research, critically engaged with society and demographically representative. The University recognises that achievement of this mission depends on the quality, engagement and commitment of its employees. It has accordingly set one of its strategic goals to become an employer of choice.

To achieve its vision, mission and strategic objectives the University has a suitable remuneration policy which endeavours to ensure that employees are rewarded equitably against the market (Tertiary for academics and the National All industries survey for support) and performance and are treated consistently throughout the University. The current 2012-2014 salary ranges are based on the relevant market survey data for both academic and support staff and due for reviewable against the market.

Performance-based pay also forms an integral part of the university's reward strategy to reward acceptable and superior performance. 

The Objectives of the remuneration policy are to ensure that the reward system:

  • Rewards individual's for the achievement of the University's objectives and motivates high levels of performance;
  • Rewards exceptional performance by individuals through the performance management system and performance based-reward;
  • Allows the University to compete effectively in the labour market in order to recruit and retain high calibre talent;
  • Is understandable and clearly communicated to employees.
  • Directly links to the accountabilities, complexity and skill requirements of posts.
  • Is internally fair and consistent in its design and application.
  • Encourages and rewards learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities.
  • Evolves as the university’s needs and strategy change over time.
  • Balances the university’s ability to attract and reward talent with fiscal effectiveness.

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