The University recognises that it is important to encourage initiative and entrepreneurship and therefore permits employees to undertake private work (whether remunerative or not). Private work is permitted in terms of the applicable Conditions of Service.

Academic and Support Employees

Prior approval of the appropriate authority is required to undertake private work when:

  • the nature of the private work may amount to a conflict of interest in the employment relationship between the employee (as employee) and the University (as employer);
  • such private work will impinge, in any way, on the employee's normal working hours and/or the efficient discharge of his/her duties;
  • University equipment and/or property is to be used. In such instances the employee will be required to re-imburse the University for use of the equipment and/or property in accordance with the policy applicable at that time.

Prior approval for private work to be undertaken is not required where:

  • the employee undertakes private work outside of normal working hours;
  • such work is undertaken off the university premises.

Academic Employees

Academic employees are permitted to undertake private work during working hours to a maximum (on average) of eight hours per normal working week. Notwithstanding this permission, they are still required to render service to the University for forty hours during a normal working week excluding the eight hours taken for private work.

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