Sabbatical leave is defined as a prolonged absence from work in the career of an academic employee granted for the purposes of approved scholarly or creative activity for professional development or research purposes. It provides a means for academic employees to increase their knowledge, further their research, stimulate intellectual interests and strengthen networks with the global community of scholars, thus enhancing their contribution to the University on their return.

Accrual of Sabbatical Leave
Sabbatical leave shall accrue from the date of appointment at the rate of 2.75 (two and three-quarter) working days per calendar month.

Conditions for granting Sabbatical
The granting of Sabbatical Leave is not automatic. Employees who wish to be considered for Sabbatical Leave must:

  • Be performing at or above the norm for their academic level,
  • have met agreed outcomes of previous sabbatical applications or provided a reasonable explanation for failing to do so,
  • must apply timeosly to facilitate planning in the School/Faculty,
  • Ensure the objectives and outcomes for the proposed sabbatical are in terms of their Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Period of Sabbatical Leave
The maximum sabbatical that may be granted within a period of 5 (five) years from the beginning of a period of sabbatical is 264 (two hundred and sixty-four) working days. Sabbatical Leave may not be granted for periods less than that determined by the Faculty or 22 working days.

Sabbatical Leave gratuities on Termination of Services
On termination of service, for any reason, sabbatical leave standing to the credit of academic employees shall be forfeited subject to the Transitional Arrangements for academic employees who are retiring between 2009 and 2012 and who were employed on or before 18 February 2006.

Transitional Arrangements for Sabbatical Leave gratuities
The transitional provisions were negotiated as part of a Collective Agreement with the four Trade Unions. The transitional provisions only apply academic employees retiring between 2007 and 2012.

For academic employees employed prior to 2 July 2004, the forfeiture of accrued Sabbatical leave on termination of employment through death, medical incapacity, operational reasons, early retirement and retirement shall be phased out as follows:

The maximum gratuity payable (inclusive of annual leave accrued) in the next five years shall be :
Retiring in 2007/8: 264 days
Retiring in 2009: 211 days
Retiring in 2010: 158 days
Retiring in 2011: 120 days
Retiring in 2012: 120 days
Retiring in 2013: No payment in lieu of accrued Sabbatical. (Annual Leave gratuity up to 120days)


the sum of the academic employee's total accrued sabbatical and accumulated annual leave, whichever is the lesser.

For academic employees employed between 2 July 2004 and 18 February 2006 the maximum gratuity (inclusive of annual leave accrued) payable in the next five years shall be either:

Retiring in 2007/2008: 132 days
Retiring in 2009: 120days
Retiring in 2010: 120days
Retiring in 2011: 120days
Retiring in 2012: 120 days
Retiring in 2013: No payment in lieu of accrued Sabbatical. (Maximum annual leave gratuity of 120 days applicable to all staff)


the sum of the academic employee's total accrued sabbatical leave and accrued annual leave whichever is the lesser.

Where an academic employee who is within the scope of the above transitional provisions formally applies for Sabbatical leave but is refused such leave on operational grounds, for the purposes of calculating the gratuity payable, the period denied will be added on to the maximum number of days referred to above, up to a maximum of 264 or 132 days depending on the applicable Conditions of Service.

Note: This does not apply where the academic employee is denied the leave for the period requested but offered an alternate period to facilitate operational exigencies or where the academic does not meet criteria for approval in terms of the relevant policy.

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