The University of KwaZulu-Natal is committed to supporting and promoting employee development whilst offering competitive benefits that position it as an employer of choice. It accordingly offers tuition remission to eligible employees, their spouses or domestic partners and dependent children. Tuition remission benefits both the University and employees. Employees become better qualified not only to perform their job functions but to excel in their jobs thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the University. At the same time individual employees benefit as they become eligible for promotion or advancement through eligibility for higher level opportunities as they occur.

The University encourages employees and their qualifying family members to take advantage of the range of degrees and study programmes available at UKZN. The granting of tuition remission or accommodation bursaries for study at another University is exceptional and employees should have no expectations in this regard. The cost of supporting studies at another University places a strain on limited University resources and in addition there is no mechanism this recoup the funding in the longer term through government subsidies.

There are very limited circumstances where the University will support a dependent child to study at another University. Employees may study at another University through distance education where a similar degree is not offered at UKZN or where they are unable to attend lectures during working hours due to operational factors. In such cases the degree must be directly related to the applicant's current job.

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