The regulation regarding hours of work is contained in each employee's Conditions of Service

Academic Employees

The expectations of academics are output driven and do not focus wholly on time spent in the office. Academic employees are required to carry a defined workload in respect of teaching, research, administration and community service. This workload is determined by the Faculty Board and approved by Senate. The workload assumes a flexible 40-hour work week and does not prescribe specific working hours. An employee is however required to be 'in office' as agreed with his or her line manager to fulfill all his/her obligations and must remain accountable for time spent working off campus at home or elsewhere. Where an academic employee’s performance is below expectations, the line manager may put in place suitable mechanisms to monitor the academic's working hours in an effort to improve overall performance.

Academic employees may be required to take part in additional work or to supervise part-time or evening classes during the week or on week-ends, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and/or in terms of any collective agreement regulating such work.

Support Employees

The regulation of hours of work for support employees is usually specified in the employee's letter of appointment.

The official University hours are 08:00 to 16:30. Generally the official hours are as follows:
Full-time: 08:00 to 16:30 (7½ hours plus one hour lunch break)
Part-time: 08:00 to 13:00 (5 hours) (mornings only)
Part-time: 14:00 to 16:30 (2½ hours) (afternoons only)
Half-time: 08:00 to 11:45 (3¾ hours) (half day)

These hours do not apply in the case of employees who are required to work outside official hours or employees working on shifts. .

Smoke and tea breaks are granted at the discretion of the line manager. If such breaks are granted then the working hours should be extended by the duration of the break.

Support employees may also be allowed to structure their working hours to balance work and other personal or family responsibility obligations provided this does not negatively impact operational efficiency or output. "Flexi-time" may only be acceptable where this working arrangement is agreed between line manager and employee on reasonable and fair grounds due to the employee's legitimate professional or personal circumstances at the time. Permission for 'flexitime' be refused, varied or withdrawn at any time on reasonable and fair grounds where the employee's professional or personal circumstances do not justify it.
The annual leave entitlement of all staff is specified in their contract of employment, but for the majority of empoyees it is 30 working days per year inclusive of 15 days non-accumulative statutory leave as provided in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. The annual University Shutdown between Christmas and New Year is not included in the 30 days.

Employees may take their annual leave at any time subject to the approval of their line Manager. An employee must however apply for leave in advance to allow for operational planning for the duration of their absence. Applications may be denied where insufficient notice is given.

Employees may not take annual leave during a period of notice of termination.

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